Eli-Chem Resins – home of industrial and art resins

We are the exclusive distributor of two-component systems of artificial resins and industrial resin systems, epoxy repair compounds, photosensitive pigments and resin pigments.

Our artistic resins are suitable for painting artworks, creating stunning pigments of colored artificial resins, and creating amazing resin tables, also known as living edges.

We supply polymer solutions for repairs and maintenance. Our technology covers epoxy resins, polyester, polyurethane and optically clear casting resins, resins and pigments for artwork, resin resins.

We represent Eli-Chem on the Czech market with more than 44 years of experience in the field that solves problems in the toughest and most aggressive environments in the world. Eli-Chem is the home of Eli-Flex Transport Belt and Rubber Repair and MasterCast synthetic resins.