Clear Art Casting Resin


totalCAST Clear Art Casting Resin

totalCAST Clear Art Resin is a revolutionary hybrid polymer that produces an optically clear, high gloss finish

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totalCAST Art Resin has been ASTM certified non-hazardous and non-toxic. UV Resistance: totalCAST utilises hybrid technology to provide excellent non yellowing properties.

The totalCAST range contains a quick and easy mix pack for single use application. The one-use 200ml Twin Pack sachets are designed for the resin art novice who wants a quick & easy solution for their first resin adventure, or for the experienced user who has a small requirement.

This epoxy resin system is used to coat and seal artwork on canvas, wood, MDF, glass, perspex, concrete, metals etc. The product can be applied by pouring, brush or roller. The excellent clarity & optical transparency makes the resin ideally suited for the protection and decoration of paintings, sculptures and collages, photos and prints, wood and timber artefacts (clocks and puzzles etc), pendants, bangles and other jewellery items, flower-setting and paperweights. This formulation represents cutting edge polymeric technology and was developed to offer unrivalled user friendliness and a crystal clear result every time.

  • 1:1 mixing ratio by volume or weight
  • Non toxic and VOC free
  • Odour free and solvent free
  • Built in air release agents and moisture scavengers
  • BPA (Bisphenol) free
  • UV Stable, no need for HALS or UV blockers

Pack Sizes

totalCAST comes in 7 pack sizes so you can buy exactly the right amount for your project. To help you choose the correct kit please see the coverage guide below, then make your selection from the drop down list above. The exact coverage will depend on how thick you want your resin coating and the type of media you are covering.

CEL Pack SizeCoverage at 0.5 mm thick
190g Tester Kit 0.272 m²
200g Kit 0.286 m²
500g Kit 0.715 m²
2 kg Kit 2.86 m²
4 kg Kit 5.72 m²
10 kg Kit 14.30 
50 kg Kit 71.50 

Please note this resin has a heat distortion temperature of 45-50°C which makes it unsuitable for the placement of very hot objects on its surface such as cups, mugs, plates etc. We recommend UltraCast xt  for excellent temperature resistance.

Differences between MasterCast 1-2-1 and totalCAST

  • Mixed viscosity: MasterCast 1-2-1 has a higher mixed viscosity and a thicker consistency
  • Curing time:  MasterCast 1-2-1 offers a longer working time and a slower cure (6-8hrs @ 20°C)

Both can be used as a clear coating resins over existing artwork made with oil paints, acrylics, enamels, watercolours etc, but Mastercast 1-2-1 is better suited to pigmenting in resin art applications. totalCAST is ideal for pouring in moulds for embedding, potting, encapsulating and jewellery production.


  Mix ratio    by volume: 100 parts resin to 100 parts hardener
  by weight: 100 parts resin to 100 parts hardener
  Surfaces   canvas, wood, MDF, glass, perspex, concrete & metal
  Curing time    touch dry in 3/4 hours at 23°C
  Coverage   1 litre of the mixed product will cover 1.43m²@ 0.5 mm thick (1kg = 1 litre)  No more than 3 kgs in one pour
  Pot Life   10-15 minutes at 23°C (250g mixed mass)
  Shelf life   one year in sealed containers


The mixing ratio must be accurately followed to achieve perfect results. It is not possible to change the ratio which would result in the resin not drying properly and lower mechanical properties. 

The mixed components should be thoroughly stirred for 3-4 minutes to ensure an even consistency. Epoxy systems tend to heat up faster in a pot than as a thin film, only mix the amount needed for use within the pot life of the product.


The product can be applied by pouring from the mixing vessel, by brush or roller. The mixed resin can be tinted with our resi-TINT pigments, resi-METAL or resi-TINT+ Metallic Powders to make your artwork pop. resi-BLAST will add stunning cells and effects.

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totalCAST Brochure PDF

totalCAST Brochure PDF

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totalCAST Safety Data Sheet PDF

totalCAST Safety Data Sheet PDF

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totalCAST_ASTM_D-4236_Certification PDF

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